Have you heard of the dangers of EMF, but you’re not sure what it’s all about? Are you worried that EMF might be affecting your health?

More than 97 percent of Americans in the US own a cellphone, and over 80 percent of them are smartphones. That’s important to know, as cell phone towers are a source of EMF radiation.

Are you trying to understand what your EMF exposure is today? Here’s a guide to what is EMF and why you might want to reduce your exposure to this radiation.

What Is EMF?

EMF is short for electrical and magnetic fields. An EMF reader helps you detect this radiation.

There are two types of EMF, ionizing and non-ionizing.

  • Ionizing EMFs are high-level radiation,
  • Non-ionizing EMFs are low-level radiation.
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Ionizing EMFs

These fields are a source of EMF radiation that has the potential to damage your cells and cause damage to your DNA. They are a significant contributor to certain kinds of cancer.

Ultraviolet rays, microwaves, gamma rays, and x-rays are common ionizing EMFs, and we understand that we need protection from them.

Non-Ionizing EMFs

These lower frequency fields weren’t considered a threat in the past due to low exposures. Non-ionizing EMFs surround us these days, and our vulnerability is much higher than we could have imagined.

Generally, sources of non-ionizing EMFs include electronic devices such as cell phones, power lines, Wi-Fi routers, and smart meters.

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Recent studies show that radiation from our modern infrastructure and consumer electronics causes tissue heating in our bodies. It’s unclear how that affects our physical health, but it is a concern.

The World Health Organization lists non-ionizing EMFs as a possible carcinogen for humans, so we should consider ways to reduce our emf exposure.

EMF Protection

You can reduce your exposure to EMFs by avoiding them, but some products allow you to shield yourself from this radiation. At emf-protection.com, they provide some excellent options.

Special shielding blankets are available if you have EMF exposure at night, and you can take steps such as turning off your Wi-Fi overnight.

Reduce Your Exposure

You can request an EMF reading from your local power company if you want to know about local power lines or substations near you.

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While many devices expose us to EMFs, our cell phones are a big culprit. You can reduce your exposure by removing your charger and cell phone from your bedroom at night.

Don’t carry a phone in a pocket or your purse. Send a text instead of calling and limit the use of your devices as much as you can. Keep your phone away from your body by using a speakerphone or headphones.

Make an Informed Decision

Now that you have the answer to your question “What is EMF?”, you know why many people worry about this low-level radiation. When you understand how much daily exposure exists, you may decide to take steps to avoid it.

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