The topic of electronic business cards is gaining momentum. Many large organizations have already switched to electronic business cards from traditional paper ones. Many large franchise companies are even planning electronic business cards as part of their franchise buyers’ packages. Why have digital BCs become so popular? Let’s find out!

What is an electronic business card?

Electronic, digital, QR, contactless, virtual, smart, NFC (RFID) business cards — all these are various names of new solutions that allow users to conveniently share contacts without handing over a paper alternative from hand to hand. An electronic BC allows you to instantly get into the contacts of a person’s mobile phone and become a recognizable interlocutor. So, electronic BCs are based on two technologies:

1. vCard File

Such a BC is based on the vCard doc standard, which is an original format people can use to exchange digital business cards. Such a file consists of special entries, each of which contains the information of one vCard. A vCard record may include a full name, home address, contact number, URL, picture, video, and audio fragments. VCard files are supported by all smartphone developers and most mailing clients. However, to send the vCard file to Outlook, you will need to use the vCard to Outlook transfer due to the difference in formats. When you save such a file, the OS will offer to save the info in the contact book. 

2. QR File

This is the second type of electronic BC. By adding a QR code, you can make your card digital. The QR code can be read with ease with a modern phone camera. Thus, the process of moving a BC to your device becomes very simple. Just point the camera at the QR code — and all details will appear in your contact book. 


​​3. WEB business card

This is the most technological version of vCard and QR files combined. Many handy extra features are already there. This type of business card is already an IT system that allows you to create a file and fill it with your personal data. Data from such a BC is saved through the vCard file, however, developers add a lot of useful features to them, and the system is able to generate a vCard based on the data in the personal account, at the time of saving the BC to contacts.

Growing popularity of electronic business cards

What is the reason for today’s popularity of electronic business cards and why more and more companies and individuals are switching to electronic exchange of contacts? First of all, this is due to the following:

  • a significant reduction in the cost of issuing and managing BCs;
  • digitalization of the traditional business card service;
  • the safety of employees and respect for customers when exchanging business cards;
  • for the seller — this is a unique opportunity to get into the client’s smartphone. 

One click and your contact is saved!

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