As a professional driving instructor, you will have an incredible transferable skillset that will be desirable in any career. If you fancy a career change, making a bit of money on the side, or need a bit more of a push towards getting that qualification and becoming a professional driving instructor, then read on to find out just a few of the extra skills you will acquire.


Chances are, you’ll already be a pretty patient person if you’re considering becoming or are already working as a driving instructor. With a variety of students of all different abilities hoping to pass their test, you’ll need to remain calm and collected under pressure, and be prepared to explain things multiple times, and phrased in different ways, until the student feels confident and understands.

Risk awareness

You’ll be super alert. Not only are you teaching someone how to operate over a ton of metal, but you are responsible for keeping both you, them, the other drivers, and pedestrians on and around the road safe. There are so many potential risks on the road as it is – let alone when a beginner is in control and trusting you to teach them how to stay in control. Risk awareness is a great skill to have, and will come in handy in so many environments, not just your work.

Teaching and coaching

Not only will you be a great learner, having learnt to drive yourself, but you’ll have teaching and coaching skills that will enable to you to communicate with many other people, and communicate with people of different ages, skillsets and abilities. You’ll be able to keep them motivated and reaching their goals, as well as your own.

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Customer service skills

Alongside fantastic teaching skills, your communication skills and ability to form bonds with students will also enable you to have brilliant customer service skills. As a driving instructor, you will usually be your own boss, so will have to deal with your own client base, and have the transferable skills to do this.

Driving skills

Driving is often a skill that is forgotten about when it comes to jobs that aren’t instructor-related. A whole world is opened up to you when you have a license, and jobs that you’d never even thought of could take your interest once you realise what this qualification has given you.

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Time management skills

In order to keep lessons running smoothly, you’ll have to be there on time to start, and also back in time to drop the student off and get to the next one. In order to do this, you’ll have to take into consideration the amount of traffic, level crossings, school runs, and anything else that could delay your journey. No one wants to wait around for a lesson, and no one wants you sitting outside their house too early whilst they panic to get ready so, as a driving instructor, you will be sure to have – or develop – fantastic time-management skills.

If you are thinking of training as a driving instructor, there are lots of driving instructor training courses available right at your fingertips. Embarking on this new journey will open up many doors for you, as the skills you’ll acquire will be beneficial in both your personal and professional life, all whilst you have the ability to improve the futures of many others, creating safer roads and more confident drivers in your wake.

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