Improve and monitor the financial health of your business Accounting Software

People with small businesses can keep the financial records of their business with such software like account payable automation where they will be able to track down their payables and provide them a detailed understanding of their profits by such automated software’s owner stay prepared for the taxes and everything gets simple and clear.

We know when the business grows the financial statistics of the firms get complex and difficult to understand and if you are following the manual system there is a very high chance of mixing up the things. So the modern world came up with modern solutions like Accounting software. There are many accounting software available for small and big businesses.

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The software can differentiate among itself depending on its characteristics. We studied multiple software related to accounting and came up with the best one after doing so much research by analyzing their features, usability, and integrations.


This software is rated as the best accounting software among others because it reaches small businesses and the flexibility in its features. As it is user friendly and we can access any feature we desire by coming on the main dashboard of it. This is considered efficient and smooth software.

QuickBooks is a scalable and cloud-based accounting software it is also available for mobile devices on Play Store. It also offers third-party integrations and it is mostly used by professionals in accounting.

Quickbook has a lot of users as it is used for the purposes like bookkeeping and its cloud-based software keeps everything safe and can be accessed by browser and mobile applications both.

The 30-day free trial can be availed by anyone where you can experience the app for free of cost after that you have to pay to keep using the services of QuickBook as there are 4 plans of it like 25, 50, 80 and 180 dollars which vary with the tools you want to use and for how long you want to use.

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The monthly or yearly membership can be changed with the growth of your business.

There are also a few drawbacks of quickbook that new users are not able to use all the features with a basic plan so they are required to upgrade their membership which means they will have to pay an extra amount of money for that. There are also occasional synchronization problems with quickbook like having a problem syncing with the banks and credit cards. Which is quite troublesome for the users of quickbook.


For smaller businesses or micro-businesses, I would recommend that this is one of the best software it seems that everything is as simple as it is specially designed for the Micro businesses. The interface of the software is so clean and clear and can integrate with different third parties as it can collect online payments from the customers. Xero also has a very attractive simple inventory management system that keeps every detail of your inventory organized.

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Xero was developed back in 2006 in New Zealand and till now it has gathered a hell lot of subscribers around the globe. This is also a much-known software in English countries the USA, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. Xero is constantly growing in the Middle East as well at a rapid pace.

Xero also offers a 30-day free trial for the new users free of cost where they experience the software as it is worth buying the premium plan or not. The membership plans of Xero are according to your business at an early stage it is 12$ then comes the growing stage of 34$ and at the established stage it is 64$ per month. The full-service payroll option is also available and pays 39 dollars extra and 6 dollars per employee.

Xero also has a drawback in that it has limited reporting and additional fees are charged for ACH payments another we found out is that they have limited customer service which didn’t find attractive at all.

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