Today, many of us are customers of one or another mobile operator, daily actively using its services. We get used to the tariff plans and become confident that companies are doing everything to please their customers. They should be considered a little differently because operators primarily consider their customers from the side of benefits. That’s why you should look out for a SIM-only deal where you’ll save more, get more data, and be able to cancel the services at any time whenever you want.

What is a SIM-only deal?

A SIM-only deal is a contract that includes minutes, text messages, and data — just like a regular mobile phone contract. The main difference is that with a SIM card deal, you don’t get a phone – only a SIM card. As a result, these plans are often much lower. Therefore, SIM-only deals are the main opportunity to cut your costs. If you already own a phone or want to buy one right away to avoid costly contracts, then a SIM-only deal is your best option. This way you can choose exactly what you want in terms of data limit and minutes. Moreover, if you find a better deal elsewhere, you can simply cancel the previous one.

The contrast between pay-as-you-go and SIM-only?

The main difference between the two is that the monthly SIM-only charge includes a discount on calls, texts, and data that you will be billed every 30 days. For a pay-as-you-go transaction with only the SIM card, you need to top up your balance.

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SIM-only deals for tablets

A SIM card for a tablet adds several useful features to the device that will be useful for most users, which is why a tablet with a SIM is usually more expensive and more in demand than a device without it. This was influenced by the rapid development of mobile networks, because a few years ago, manufacturers produced tablet computers mainly without a SIM card, regardless of whether they were mini-tablets, 7 inches, 10 inches, tablets with a keyboard, flagship models, or budget options. Now, exclusive tablet best sim only deals have appeared, but some operators also have universal offers that are designed for different types of devices.

SIM-only deals for travel

Every time you get off the plane abroad, you have to return to the Stone Age without communication or pay a lot of money for roaming with your operator. Buying a local SIM card can solve this problem, but it is not so easy: you need to find an office in advance, clarify all the details, and the SIM card may not be sold to non-citizens of the host country. In addition, if you travel to several countries at once and spend only a couple of days in each, then buying a local SIM card makes no sense at all. That is why we decided to draw your attention to the best sim-only deals for travelers. All of them will seem to you as convenient as possible for their functions: staying in touch abroad has long been not as expensive as we think.

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Keeping your number with a SIM-only deal

Keep your old phone number when you get a new SIM, available from most mobile operators. No fee is charged, regardless of the reason why it was necessary to get a new SIM card. Some operators provide a free replacement only if the old SIM card does not support the fourth-generation communication standard. However, in this case, you also need to pay for a duplicate. After that, the operator returns the money to the bonus balance of the phone number.

How can you find the best SIM-only deal?

The choice of best sim only deals must be conscious; otherwise, there is a high probability of being left without communication or without access to the Internet, which can become a big problem for someone in our time. To choose a plan, the client needs to understand clearly what amount of outgoing and incoming minutes package he needs, as well as the required amount of Internet traffic. This is necessary to select the most optimal option, which would not leave extra minutes and gigabytes in excess, or there would be no need to buy additional traffic or minutes of conversation every month.

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If you are one of those people who are looking for better deals constantly. You love your phone very much and don’t want to buy a new one soon, or you can’t afford it. Also, if you want your life to be filled with meaning and a little bit better, then you are someone who needs a SIM-only deal.

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