There were times when it was worthy and honorable to work at one job for all life. There was no such a thing as a ladder climber. The future specialists graduated universities and worked at plants until they retired. Such principles are far in the past now. If a person feels that he has outgrown his job responsibilities, he can safely change his place of work, leaving for a higher position in another organization.

If you are thinking about changing your occupation or sector of activity, catch useful advice from professional recruiters and hire professional resume writers to create your high-caliber resume.

Tips on cv/resume writing

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  1. Take time to think well.
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The first thing to do before you start acting is to think about what exactly is important for you in your new professional direction. Suggest ways in:

  • what working atmosphere, in what environment would you be happy to work;
  • what in a future or interesting work get your juices flowing most of all;
  • what actions and work responsibilities you initially (due to your nature, personality traits) love to do;
  • what are you really good at, what will contribute to the development of your career in a new job.

Answering the above questions honestly will help you identify attractive career paths and increase the likelihood of making the right choice. Two heads are better than one: it will be helpful to seek help from a career consultant service.

  1. Remember you can always change your mind.
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First, narrow your search down to 2-3 sectors of activity, only then you can more accurately study the labor market and consider specific professions, vacancies, career opportunities and ways to make a career.

Familiar job search resources and career guidance tests can provide fresh thoughts and ideas. But the main principle that professionals should adhere to when changing careers is this: focus on the tasks you like to do, the skills you like to use, the functionality you are better at than others. And remember the environment you would rather be in and the type of people you enjoy working with side by side every day.

That being said, don’t let yourself get caught up in the idea that you only have one chance for change. Talking about the search for meaning and “true purpose” only complicates an already difficult decision. It is possible that during your professional career you will decide to change direction several times, so try to think about it in the spirit of “what would I like to try next?” Or what services to use?

  1. Move towards your new dream job gradually.
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Many people seek to radically change their field of activity, but it will be much more realistic to gradually move towards a new career. For example, you can make small changes to your current work, voluntarily “acquiring” new functions and tasks.

Other options to review:

  • taking training courses in the evenings;
  • observing (and repeating) someone whose work you enjoy;
  • independent development of new professional skills.

All of the options listed above will help you become more attractive in the eyes of HR managers and potential employers.

Instead of a giant leap “to nowhere” in search of a more successful career or self-realization, it is better to gradually move towards a new profession, moving from place to place several times. This advice is suitable for those who are not ready to start from scratch, including in terms of salary.

  1. Don’t make your resume too much.
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It is so tempting to include all the information about yourself on your resume! You, of course, want to change your profession, but you have such considerable professional baggage behind you! And yet your task is to fit the most important thing on one page (maximum two). Most employers simply don’t have time to navigate through several pages of essays, so it’s critical to keep your resume concise and highly relevant to the professional role you are applying for.

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Carefully study the job description, formulate for yourself the employer’s expectations, its possible goals, and then tie your professional experience to the achievement of these goals. The main thing at the stage of sending a resume is to attract the attention of the employer, to make him want to find out the details about you and already at the stage of the interview, you can share these details.

  1. Connect with people from the field of activity you are interested in.
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The best way to understand the inner workings of a profession or the corporate culture of a company you are interested in is to talk to those who already work there. Even if it is unusual for you to be the initiator of communication, in order to achieve professional goals, engage in active networking.

Spread your nets wide from junior employees to executives, in order to really understand how everything works in a profession or field of activity, and whether new recruits from other professional areas are accepted there.

  1. Believe that a career change is really possible.

The most difficult thing at the stage of finding yourself in a new profession is to maintain the belief that everything will work out. If Ernest Hemingway or any other classic writer had no belief, he would not become famous. We tend to perceive ourselves as a photographer, accountant, programmer – that is, in a certain role. It seems to us that our profession defines us. Now we are forced to redefine, reformulate ourselves – and it is necessary to sincerely believe in a new role. As soon as we ourselves believe, others will also. Once you have made your final decision, do not focus on the fact that you want to change your profession. Try telling yourself and everyone you meet that you are already working in a field that is new to you.

To change direction and future career, you need to expand your knowledge. Sign up for courses teaching your chosen specialty. If that is not enough, get a college degree. You can easily study online gaining all the knowledge required.

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At the same time, master the basics of a new type of activity. It doesn’t matter what position it will be. The main thing is to have the opportunity to learn more about the specialty of interest.

Show initiative and take on any assignments. This will help you quickly gain the necessary work experience and climb the career ladder.

Learn foreign languages ​​and the latest computer programs. Then there will be an opportunity to pursue a career in an international corporation.

Communicate more with people, be curious, learn new things. Perhaps there will be an offer to try your hand in such an area that you never dreamed of. For example, writing. Why not?

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Create a hobby and devote enough time to it. Professionals in their field are highly regarded. It is likely that your favorite pastime will later become an adored profession.

Try to develop both mentally and physically. Go in for sports, on weekends, do not stay at home, go for a walk. This will allow you to take a break from the daily routine by changing the area of ​​interest. Trained, tempered people are not vulnerable to cold-related ill health. They are more likely to move up the career ladder than an employee who gets sick often and misses workdays.

Don’t be afraid to change yourself and change the world around you. Inflexible people, even great professionals, rarely achieve career heights. Get ready to develop and improve your own skills and abilities and the team of writers from will help you to attain the desired.

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