Paying close attention to content within documents is never enough; sometimes, you just need to edit. What happens when you’re stuck with a PDF file you desperately need to edit?


While a PDF editor is an incredible tool for editing PDF files and easing your headache, you can quickly reach for your Google Drive if you’re in a hurry.


Perhaps there’s something off in your finished PDF file that you need to tweak, or you need to clear out typos from a PDF file; you can use Google Drive PDF editor.


There’s a better way to customize PDF files and edit the text to perfection in minutes. Keep reading to find out how to edit PDF in Google Docs.

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Why should you edit PDF files?

You may need to make changes to text, layout, or content within the documents. To access and make a single document on your PC or your smartphone, or even collaborate with colleagues on a document, you’ll need to edit PDF files.


Editing PDF files also helps you split or merge PDF files, insert new pages, or delete old pages from an existing file. Once you can edit PDFs, you’ll no longer see PDF files as a document set in stone.


The good news is that you don’t have to convert PDF files to editable Word documents before you have editing privileges. Although PDFs were not designed to be editable, PDF editors provide a lasting solution to this challenge.

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What kinds of PDFs can you edit?

PDFs are universal document files for creating, storing, and sharing information among users. Because of its multipurpose function, it’s possible to edit different kinds of PDF files using PDF editors.


PDF files are perfect file formats for business contracts, CVs/resumes, official forms, and transaction records. You can explore several PDF templates to create PDFs from scratch or edit documents before saving them as PDFs.


You can also make and edit PDF forms to collect and store important information by creating fillable forms. Find a good PDF form creator to help you create PDF forms online, and you’re on your way.

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Is it safe to edit PDFs online?

Not all PDF editing apps can keep your documents safe as you upload them on the web. But the best online PDF tools protect your PDF data with HTTPS, which ensures that your information stays private.


While most PDF tools online are web-based and convenient for quick editing, you can also install the desktop or mobile app versions to tighten document security.


PDF tools like Lumin PDF ensure that uploaded files or PDF fillable forms are secure with end-to-end encryption to prevent information theft or illegal document access. Some PDF editors store your data with third-party cloud storage services like Amazon, so you can also retrieve them.

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How to convert a PDF File to a Google doc (and vice versa)

Your Google Drive PDF editor helps you perform two significant tasks: preview and convert PDF files to Google Doc formats. On the flip side, you can also convert Google Doc files to PDF files for easy viewing.


To preview PDF, open in your web browser, then drag and drop the PDF from your storage device. You can also click New > File Upload and select the file you want to upload. After the upload, click the PDF, and you can see a preview.


The con of using Google Drive PDF preview is that you can only read the full PDF, but you won’t be able to edit it. Not only that, you can’t create PDF fillable forms or copy text previously scanned into a PDF.

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For some editing action, you may need to convert your PDF file to a Google Doc file first. That’s where Google Drive’s OCR functionality comes in. It lets you extract text from images in PDF files and transform them into editable and searchable text in a Google Doc file.


Follow these steps to convert a PDF file to a Google Doc:


  1. Open the document preview.
  2. Click “Open With” > select Google Docs.
  3. You’ll automatically have your PDF file in an editable Google Doc file that you can edit.


You can also convert Google Doc files to PDFs using the same steps in reverse order.

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Note: Google Drive may alter your original PDF layout because it cannot correctly extract images. But at least you’ll be able to extract and edit text from within the PDF.

How to edit PDF files in Google Docs

When you upload the PDF to Google Drive, click Open with Google Docs to transform PDF into an editable file. Once you have your PDF in a Google Doc file, it’s time to edit.


Make all the changes you want, then save it on your device or cloud storage again. You can create and fill out PDF forms and share them with users who need them.

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  1. Click “File” > select Download > select PDF Document.
  2. Your edited file will be downloaded as a PDF.

Is it safe to open PDF files using third-party readers?

Since Google Drive cannot help you alter or add changes to PDF files, you will need third-party readers or apps for any editing. With Google Drive, you’ll only have as much as a PDF preview or convert your PDF to a Google Doc.


You can link third-party readers or apps to your Google Drive for easier editing access. So, when you open a PDF, select Open With and then Connect with Other Apps.


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At this point, you’ll be able to add any good third-party PDF editor like Lumin PDF and do your editing. You should check out this feature-rich PDF editor if you want excellent results. The best online PDF tools are safe to use, easy to access, and offer document security to protect your PDF data online.


While you edit PDFs online using your third-party app, you can always preview the results before saving them. Google Drive is your go-to PDF viewer before and after you edit PDF files.


There’s a lot of potential within your Google Drive that you’ve probably never discovered. Apart from previewing PDFs and converting PDFs to editable Google Docs, you can connect Google Drive with third-party apps. Test these Google Drive features and see how they easily automate your workflows.

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