Cannabis has a whole culture attached to it, one that dates back to the 60s. And now, as legalization spreads across the United States, with Europe looking ready to follow suit, it is a culture that is poised to hit the mainstream.

One thing that is important to understand is that not everyone who smokes weed turns into a spaced-out hippy listening to non-stop Pink Floyd and contemplating the meaning of the universe. As legalization has spread, so we have become better informed about weed and the various effects that different strains can have.


Life in 2022 can be a stressful business and one of the most common reason to light up a joint among modern consumers is not to climb the ceilings but as a way to wind down and dissociate from the problems of the world after a busy day. If that’s what you are looking for, a strain where indica dominates is a good choice. Cookies and cream is a popular choice – it even looks calm and tranquil with its purple leaves. Blackberry Kush is another classic chill out hybrid strain where indica is in the ascendancy.


Cannabis doesn’t necessarily “mellow you out” – some people notice the opposite effect and are energized and ready for anything. The green crack strain is a perfect example of this principle in action. It’s actually something of a classic, having been originally bred almost 50 years ago. Here, sativa holds sway, and the flavor is zingy and citrusy. It’s a popular choice for those who use cannabis as a pick-me-up to give themselves a little boost during the day. Just remember to stay well away from driving or operating machinery, regardless of how capable it might make you feel.


If life is getting you down, an uplifting strain of cannabis could be just what the doctor ordered – and we mean that literally. Here, we are talking about strains that are often prescribed to medical cannabis patients, and many of them are also popular with recreational users. Again, we are generally looking at sativa-dominant hybrid strains that have a good balance of THC and CBD. Super Silver Haze, Sour Diesel and Tangie are all popular choices in this category that check the right boxes.


Saving the best till last? Your traditional stoner who just wants to get high and crank up The Dark Side of the Moon would certainly say so.Let’s be frank about it, some people just want to smoke weed and enjoy the ride, and achieving a euphoric high is all about THC content. We have to mention OG Kush here, it is a strain that even predates Green Crack, and it took the West Coast of the US by storm at the height of the flower power era. It remains a favorite to this day, although there are plenty of others to choose from such as Wedding Cake and Bruce Banner, which have a similarly dramatic effect.

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