Real estate has finally embraced technology, and now we have big data to look up to if we ever need accurate data in real-time. The birth of big data will help all and sundry, including the investors who are willing to do their due diligence before buying a property.

Real estate companies and developers will also have a clearer picture of opportunities in the real estate sector with big data.

How Big Data Will Impact Real Estate

Accurate Appraisal

When in need of a property, you have to do some basic research by narrowing it down to your preferred location and neighborhood. Also, you have to research available landmarks around the location as you don’t want to buy a property that won’t give you value in a few years. That is where an appraiser’s job comes in; they help analyze the property using data from the government and neighborhood to determine the price of the property.

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Factors like the landmass, sales of previous houses in the neighborhood, numbers of bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, garden, and landscape are considered before the final price will be given. Both the seller and buyer are free to have their appraisers; while the seller’s appraiser gives the price, it is the job of the buyer’s appraiser to beat it down using the factors mentioned above.

The emergence of big data won’t give room for inaccurate appraisals as it is previously done where some might hike the price above the actual value.

Marketing and Advertising

Prior to the emergence of big data, property was being sold due to the efforts put in by the buyer or a real estate developer with lots of ads and phone calls. Now, with the big data, buyers can easily go online and search for available property.

All you have to do is go to the official website and search for the property of your choice by inputting factors like location, landmass, numbers of bedrooms and bathrooms, etc., to filter the search. Big data will then alert the seller’s team about the buyer’s BioData like location, age, language, region and country.

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Improved Decision Making For The Buyer

Initially, real estate buyers are limited to the basic information on the property of their choice. They are provided with just a few pictures and maybe a location; it takes weeks or months after progress has been made to visit the property physically. All these are what contribute to the buyer’s unstable decision as they have more than one property in sight.

Big data has come to make decision making easy for buyers and sellers. You can easily find out about the property, how old it is, if there are needs for repairs and renovation, and the amount the prospective buyer will pay for utilities, parking and other necessary bills.

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Detecting Ideal Zones

If you are planning to build a commercial property or a mall from scratch, you need to pay attention to the location of the land or else risk your business or property getting a low value in the market. Big data also helps detect the perfect zone for your next business.

Multifamily data will help you determine the price of your preferred property and other information, just like big data.

If you are planning on building a mall, then big data can help with a location that is close to the substations, airports, and seaports so passers-by and tourists can patronize your business and also increase the value of your property.


The world has embraced technology since the inception of the pandemic, and it is great to learn that real estate isn’t left out of the improvement, with the emergence of big data that helps buyers, sellers, and developers perfect their real estate game.

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The impact of big data in real estate cannot be overemphasized as it helps provide all the data you need to pick a perfect location for your dream business. Also, it boosts the business of developers and sellers as they can use it for personalized marketing.

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