Have you ever sat in your car, heard a song on the radio, and instantly been reminded of someone or something? Songs provide instant connections in many ways, especially when they are featured in movies. Stay tuned as we remind you of some hit songs that connect to popular movies. You may even be able to picture the specific scene in your head!


“The Time of My Life” – Dirty Dancing

There is no denying that Dirty Dancing is one of the best films in cinematic history, and quite frankly, the final scene is one of the greatest closings we have seen between two lovers yet. The bond between Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze’s characters, Baby and Johnny, simply shines through as they dance together in the closing scene. The directors and producers could not have picked a better song to dance along to than “The Time of My Life.”

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“Shallow” – A Star is Born

How could the song “Shallow” by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper not remind us of “A Star is Born?” They are the artists after all, and the song does appear in the film three times! If you close your eyes and listen, you will see Jackson invite Ally onto the stage to sing it with him. Such a hit and very touching if we do say so ourselves!


“Let it Go” – Frozen

Is it even possible to watch the animated Disney hit Frozen without belting out “Let it Go” alongside Elsa? This song is one of the most popular Disney tracks yet and has over a billion views on YouTube! Whopping! Idina Menzel has received a lot of credit for her contribution to this film with her outstanding vocals and it is very much well deserved!

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“This Will Be (An Everlasting Love)” – A Cinderella Story

“A Cinderella Story” starring Hilary Duff and Chad Michael Murray has got to be one of the greatest modernised stories of a timeless princess classic. Duff’s character, Sam, working in a diner on rollerblades really sets the scene on how Americanised they have made Cinderella. When she finds her true love and happiness at the end of the film, Natalie Cole’s “This Will Be” rounds the film off perfectly and in a very happy and bubbly tone.


“My Heart Will Go On” – Titanic

Titanic is a film that we will never not shed a tear to, no matter how many times we watch it and prepare for the final scene. We would even cry at the opening! “My Heart Will Go On” is Celine Dion’s biggest ever hit and is a song that will always remind us of star-crossed lovers, Jack and Rose. To watch this film and immerse yourself in the emotions be sure to watch it clearly on the big screen. Click here for TV wall mounting services.

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“Lose Yourself” – 8 Mile

8 Mile is an intense movie as it is, but add Eminem’s iconic and suspense-ridden tracks into it and it will keep you on the edge of your seat even more! “Lose Yourself” will always remind us of the hardships faced by B Rabbit throughout the film, and is even more touching as the film is a representation of Eminem’s life before his success. Fun fact: Eminem actually wrote this song on set and in character!


“Good Morning Baltimore” – Hairspray

Well, considering “Good Morning Baltimore” was written specifically for this film and sung by the lead star, Nikki Blonsky, it’s only right that this is one of the iconic hit songs that connect to popular movies. The song, sung during the opening scene of the film, features Blonsky’s character, Tracy, making her way to school and prancing through the streets of her city. What a way to open a film, no wonder it was a major success with tracks like this one!

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“Send Me on My Way” – Matilda 

Rusted Root’s, “Send Me on My Way” will always divert us back to a fun-loving little girl living life independently in the big world. Although this film has several intense scenes, this has got to be our favourite one. This feel-good tune can make anyone feel great and on top of the world! Give it a listen today! One of the most prominent hit songs that connect to popular movies if we do say so ourselves!


“A Thousand Miles” – White Chicks

We can picture Terry Crews jamming out to this hit tune by Vanessa Carlton in his sleek black convertible as he serenades one of the botched-up FBI agents that make this entire film. We simply do not know what’s worse, Tiffany staring at him uncomfortably or Latrell’s uncontrollable singing and head shakes! There is no denying that this scene is simply iconic and this song will always remind us of the 2004 hit film White Chicks.

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“Hallelujah” – Shrek

Although Shrek is a fun for all film, Leonard Cohen’s 1980s slow and mellow single, Hallelujah, will always bring the sad side of the movie out as Shrek and Princess Fiona part ways and she prepares to marry the evil Lord Farquaad. This scene, and song, will always pull on our heartstrings in this popular animated classic.

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