For the first time, Ghana’s Higher Perspective, a group of upcoming professionals in Monitoring and Evaluation are to represent Ghana at the upcoming World Evaluation Case Competition in November, 2019.

The Higher Perspective group is to compete with other contesting teams representing South Africa, Nigeria, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Nepal, Togo, United States, Canada among others.

The group which is composed of skilled Evaluation students -stands the chance of winning an appreciable cash prize if they are able to conquer the world through this competition.

The World Evaluation Case Competition is an annual event organized to ‘increase the confidence of young emerging evaluators and to enhance their capacity for teamwork, critical analysis, and communication through greater knowledge of evaluation approaches’.

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Organizers of the competition have stated that the competition would provide students with an opportunity to compare their evaluation skills and talents with those of counterparts around the world.

Mr. Daniel Essel, president of Young Emerging Evaluators- and leader of the Higher Perspective group disclosed that the group and Ghana at large stand to gain recognition on the global Monitoring and Evaluation space.

He said that such competitions provide good challenges and an opportunity for YEE and participants to exchange common ideas with evaluation expertise from other parts of the world to enhance knowledge and capacity in evaluation.

Mr. Essel called for the support of the Ministry of Monitoring and Evaluation as well as benevolent organizations to enable them to better prepare the team for future competitions.

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By—Nuhu Mohammed

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