If at home we can determine the configuration of the workplace ourselves, then companies have different approaches to office design. Somewhere they think utilitarianly and put ordinary noname office tables in rows, like benches for rowers in a galley. As a result, working in such an office becomes unpleasant and uncomfortable. How about trying something special? Will this affect productivity and how justified is this approach?


As such “special” we will take ergonomic height adjustable sit-stand desks with built-in electronics from Progressive Automation, which specializes in the development of linear actuators for different home and furniture smartening-up projects. If you are interested in the finished products and high-quality materials for your home or office environment improvement, https://www.progressivedesk.com is the best place to meet all your requirements.

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One more great function of the above-mentioned ergonomic office furniture manufacturer is an opportunity to construct the smart desk of your dream using their special online desk builder. Just follow several steps to choose the material, desktop, color, columns, form, and the rest of the essential things to design a perfect, durable desk.

What are the most important features of an adjustable desk?

It’s time to try the very work standing, about the benefits of which people wrote so much all over the world. What are the key features you can obtain using the in the process of work in the office or at home?

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For many people, the tactile sensation of touching a surface is more important than knowing about the used materials. Of course, the quality of the material plays a paramount role, but still, the more customers, the more tastes. The tabletop is pleasant to touch and easy to clean, you will also notice it. You will be also surprised by the fact that when ordering a table, you can choose from a huge number of colors and several popular textures.


Perhaps, someone prefers eco-friendly surfaces made of natural wood, they have different tactile sensations, they smell and, in general, are more “warm”. But on the other hand, it’s more like a matter of taste. However, the tree looks really beautiful. The Progressive Desk website just has examples of tabletops made from natural bamboo as well.

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Adjustable height

And here is the most important feature of an automated вуыл – columns with height adjustment. You just press the button and the desk starts to rise with a soft buzzing to the level you need. Also, the desk can remember your favorite height for the next use. It’s time to try the very work standing, about the advantages of which people wrote so much. At first, it may seem that working standing up is not very convenient, but over time it turns into a good habit, and after every 30-40 minutes of sitting work, you can easily change the mode. But in terms of health, it really works and you will definitely feel the difference.

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This smart adjustable furniture piece is lowered just as easily as it is raised – at the touch of a button. The table can remember several positions, but you can fix only the most convenient for you: optimal for your height.


Сable management


I think many people are annoyed by power cables hanging randomly from the office desk, in which you can sometimes get tangled with your feet and, if you are “especially lucky”, brush something off the table. To avoid this, Progressive Desk offers a choice of several options for organizing wires from the simplest and cheapest to advanced.

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Each of the available cable management options can be installed in the center of the table and hidden from the user’s eyes behind a monitor or laptop screen.


This table is worth buying for those who have long wanted to optimize their workspace but did not dare because a mess can be so familiar and cozy. Otherwise, it will suit everyone, especially if you are interested in ergonomics, productivity, and health care.


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