There is no getting around the fact that starting a business can be an incredibly costly endeavor. There are a lot of costs that come with setting everything up, to the point any budget that you thought you had will dwindle faster than you ever thought possible. These costs include the likes of advertising fees, rent and the amount you pay when outsourcing services. That being said, though these costs can wrack up, there is nothing to say that they absolutely have to. In fact, you can launch your business on an incredibly healthy financial footing.

If you are a new business owner and you would like some further information on how you can save money as a whole, the below list has been put together which provides information on the most efficient ways that you can do so.

Outsource Your Reception Duties

There is no getting around the fact that due to the amount of work involved in initially setting up a business, you are going to need to outsource some of work that your business does. There are a few different aspects that you can outsource; however, in the interests of saving money, one of the most cost-effective outsourcing tasks is receptionist duties. This is because with organizations that offer this service such as Ivy Answer, you will only be charged as the phone rings, so you won’t be parting ways with a lump sum that won’t be worth it.

Follow the 80/20 Rule

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It’s a simple rule but incredibly good for saving you money. The 80/20 rule is also known as the Pareto Principle, which states that for many events, 80% of the overall effects come from 20% of the causes. If you apply this rule to your business then you will begin to notice powerful changes. You should always take the time to focus on what is working best for you and what takes the least amount of time. In doing so, you will be able to prioritize the work that your business does so that you are generating as much income as possible and saving money on the cost of these methods of income generation.


Focus On Revenue Per Employee

In order to reduce overheads as much as possible and save money as a result, your company should focus on new metrics that are currently becoming popular with start-ups. This is known as revenue per employee. If you work out your revenue per employee and find that it is lower than the expenses you’re paying, then you will need to focus on how you can maximize your potential and increase your revenue by strategically coming up with fresh ideas and ensuring you implement them into your business with the intention of making more profit.


In conclusion, when it comes to running your business, there is an intention across the board from all business owners that the more money they can save, the better. So, with this in mind, the above list has been created to give you an idea of the best ways that your organization could save some money.

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