General Overseer of the Action Faith Chapel International, Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams has hit back at critics suggesting that he has the “moral authority to speak” on the banking crises.

Outspoken man of God, Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams has defended his recent comments on the collapse of banks and other financial institutions, stating that though he is not a banker or a ‘businessman’, he has the moral authority to make pronouncements on it.

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Responding to questions posed by Paul Adom-Otchere on Good Evening Ghana on Metro TV, the Presiding Archbishop and General Overseer of the Action Chapel International (ACI) ministry, argued that he has a wide following who got affected by the financial sector clean up and as a spiritual person he has the moral authority to make comments on it.

The man of God had stated that there was a penchant for Ghanaian governments to bring Ghanaian businesses down while foreigners were aided to thrive in business in the country.

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His claim received mixed reactions with others, arguing that it was not a fact but that Ghanaian businesses failed because they flouted the rules and laws governing them.

It would be recalled that Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams, called out the government of Ghana for failing to help indigenous entrepreneurs thrive and create generational wealth.

During his Sunday morning sermon bemoaned the lack of support for indigenous Ghanaian entrepreneurs and business persons.

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“Mr Dangote is a Nigerian. And the Nigerian government made sure that one of their own will rise to become a household name. Nigeria has, at least, raised up one, come up with policies to have one of their own to become huge, big and great than foreigners. But in this country…at least for 62 years, there should be one indigenous bank…succeeding,” he explained.

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