The logo used to represent the branding of a firm or business is created to be able to identify an established or new brand and to attract the interest of the intended viewers (buyers) and differentiate it from rivals. A image of a business or company is first of all an image (or written) image that functions as a persona or it can be a “business card” for a new business or an established one. It is also normal for a logo’s purpose to be to signify an idea.

Why should companies have logos? Its significance

If there’s no logo, the business (firm) won’t be capable of communicating effectively and efficiently with its intended audience. A company or company cannot inform its customers about the quality of its services or products. They can’t make their advertising and draw attention of everyone. The company cannot influence the decision-making process of its customers and establish the loyalty of its clients.

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The significance of a logo to an organization or business will be determined by

  1. The public will view this type of company (company or business) more serious. For all that, potential buyers without an appealing logo, could be less interested in the business over time. It is because they’ll think it’s undependable and insecure. Businesses and organizations that have a bad reputation have a huge loss of clients due to this as they don’t be sure of her reliability. If there is no steady flow of customers (customers) and this is a clear indication that the company won’t endure for long.
  2. To avoid portraying the company as a small one since large corporations constantly think of ways to develop logos, and they rely on experts. To establish themselves and establish their credibility as a solid business, the founders work with its visual element very cautiously. Logos are an essential and vital element of the brand’s policy. Only experts in their respective fields are involved in its administration. The same applies to the development of a trademark.
  3. A business or business is not viewed as unfinished. Customers (target customers) think of companies or firms without logos established and for this reason do they (customers) remain apathetic to this type of company. If a business doesn’t concentrate on its customer (customer base) this gives an impression of disdain. This can eventually make people believe that the product or services aren’t of top quality.
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A clear direction in business The presence of a consistent corporate logo also creates the highest level of confidence. The most important thing is that the logo’s options are not frequently changed as in the future, this can lead to huge financial loss.

The company also has no influence on the choices of the buyers (customers) and cannot establish loyalty before. In the present, it is difficult to locate any company (firm) that doesn’t have an identity. Most managers understand the importance of a well-designed logo and all the roles it serves to make a good impression on business.

Description of services to make logos

To make logos simpler and not less efficient method of creating logos websites are frequently utilized. The most popular and widely used services are:

  • Turbologo;
  • TailorBrands;
  • Looka;
  • Designhill;
  • Canva.
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Turbologo is an online service that acts as a logo maker that lets users to design their own logos within only a couple of minutes. There is an array of graphics and fonts that are suitable to help you create professional designs along with speedy and professional work.

The functions performed by this service are:

  1. There is a no-cost trial version.
  2. There is personal trainingavailable.
  3. Support service is available.

The advantages of Turbologo

  • There are templates in the library
  • There is a catalogue of templates
  • There is a catalogue of styles and effects
  • filters and manual setting.

Turbologo also has some drawbacks:

  • no responsive page design;
  • no font library;
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At the moment TailorBrands is the best option to use as an online service for logo design.

The functions performed by this service include:

  1. Logos can be designed in accordance with its form (in the shape of initials or badges for the business);
  2. There is a huge library of icons
  3. The majority of the logo is modified.

Benefits of TailorBrands:

  • You can print the logo on T-shirts, business cards, and many more items;
  • Compatible for use with tools of social media.
  • Generator of holiday logos.

Additionally, TailorBrands has a few disadvantages:

  • There are limitations on the amount of characters you can have;
  • You cannot upload your photos until you are subscribed either to the Standard plan higher
  • it is impossible to choose the exact colors you’d like.
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The Look

Looka is an online software that allows you to create logos that are based on artificial intelligence. The list of uses includes:

  1. Fast logo development;
  2. A clear structure and instructions for logos.
  3. The number of times you can try it is limitless;
  4. Tarif plans and affordable prices.

The benefits of this online service are as follows:

  • Quick creation of logos
  • There are a myriad of designs available;
  • Uniqueness of the logo.

The drawbacks of Looka are:

  • the program may not work with certain languages.


Designhill is a firm through which you can obtain a unique professional logo. The advantages of this web-based service are:

  1. Hire people to do virtually any design you want;
  2. There are a lot of designers;
  3. Provides any design service: tattoos, websites, T-shirts and more.
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Benefits of Designhill:

  • even with the most affordable tariff plans, you’ll have a variety of design options
  • you can turn your project private.
  • You can request a no-cost consultation.

Designhill’s disadvantages Designhill:

  • Many records need to be sorted and organized.


This service online does not require the development of complicated functionalities, making it simple to use. The advantages of this service is:

  1. The capability to design online business cards for businesses;
  2. The ability to link your account to your social network;
  3. You can collaborate in teams.


  • user-friendly;
  • Many free features
  • the design that is suitable for various reasons.


  • You must be aware of fonts, as they could disappear.
  • The image size in the standard version can’t be altered;
  • needs an internet connection that is fast.
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A logo is an essential part of any company regardless of whether it is a corporation or a company. It is crucial to recognize that the design of a logo is not more important than its existence. To create a logo with ease it is possible to seek help from online service providers for logo design.

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