Eating in a fine dining restaurant is not about just satisfying your stomach, but also following certain etiquette and table manners are important. We don’t care about table manners at home, since that is our comfort zone and we don’t need to be perfect there. For instance, you can munch on noodles with a fork at home, but while in fine dining, you’d ask for chopsticks. The atmosphere and service make a difference.

What are fine dining etiquettes?

Also known as table manners, these are certain subtle rules that have been followed by the aristocrats in high-class society. Interestingly, these etiquettes have very little to do with the meal itself, they mainly make the dining fancier. The fancier the restaurant, the more fine dining etiquettes to follow. 

Usually, a fine dining restaurant refers to five star or equivalent hotels or restaurants. And from chef to waiter, everyone is very efficient at their jobs. So even if you lack knowing the proper rules for table manners, they would happily help you if needed. Having a delicious dinner at a fancy restaurant is like a gift we often love to give ourselves. To get rid of everyday Cookinglife, a candlelight dinner with your partner feels like a lease of freshness. 

7 Basic Fine Dining Etiquettes

First thing first, you need to book a table. For people who are not familiar with fine dining, it’s important to get a table reservation first. Once you’re done with the booking, follow the common dining rules at the restaurant. But before that, make sure your table reservation has been confirmed and be punctual there. Arrive at the right time, a few minutes early would be better. But remember arriving late can cost you an extra charge.

  • Pull the chair for your guest

It’s an unspoken rule to pull the chair for your guest or partner at the restaurant. The same goes for pushing the door. Always open the door for someone, who’s behind you. 

  • Do not keep your belongings on the table.

Keep your phone, bag and other belongings out of the table. It’s a basic table manner to make enough places for food on the table. Put your things beside your chair, or place your bag on the sofa and seat before it.

  • Place the napkin properly

Once you all are comfortably seated, it’s time to place the napkin on the lap. Fold it in a triangular shape and place it on your lap. Don’t tuck it in your collar or anywhere else, apart from the lap. Don’t clean the cutleries with napkins, if you need a clean one, ask for it. Once you’re done eating, place the napkin right beside the plate. It’d be a sign that you’ve finished your meal and now want the bill.

  • How to use your cutleries

In fine dining, you will see a great set of various silverware or cutleries. Each of them is put there for each specific dish. For instance, if there are forks, spoons and knives, we’ll start with the outermost piece, which is a fork. With the arrival of the next courses, change your cutleries according to the order. If a spoon or fork falls down the table, don’t pick it up, rather ask for a new one. And once you finish the meal, put the cutlery on the plate crossing each other. This is a signal to the service person that you’re done.

  • Let your guest order first

Don’t order food on behalf of someone. Everyone has their unique taste and preferences for food. Always ask your guest to order first and avoid recommending your choice, unless they ask for it. Consider ordering similar kinds of courses that your partner or guest ordered. 

  • Best way to pay the bill

If you’re the host, the bill is supposed to be on you. To avoid an argument over who’d pay the bill, give your card to the waiter beforehand. 

In case you’re splitting the bill with others, the share should be fair and logical. Avoid making chaos, keep the discussion low-key. 

  • Give the service boy a nice tip

Tip the waiter who has served you throughout the dining. Although it’s not mandatory, it looks rude to walk away without giving a tip in a fancy restaurant.

That’s all for today. Now you don’t have to be confused anymore before attending a dinner at a five-star restaurant. Follow us for more useful tips.

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